Making Sense of Big Data

Making convnets “chill”

See the github link here: Image by Author (screenshotted from github link)


Photo by John Thomas on Unsplash. This bear has absolutely nothing to do with the content of the article. I Just like bears. Bears, beats, battlestar galactica.

Applied Machine Learning

Using C++ and CUDA Extensions to write high performance kernels in PyTorch


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Applying Kalman Filters to real-time streaming data

  1. Tracking the actual values for highly sensitive sensors
  2. Tracking the velocity of objects with uncertainty


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Identify the trend in univariate time series data using statistics!

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A visual method for exploring natural clusters in transcribed speeches

  1. Sentence Embeddings to create homogenous statement representations
  2. K-Means to cluster statements
  3. T-SNE for dimensionality reduction

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Getting Started, The Business of Data Science

A summary of how to get it done: taking ideas and putting them into production

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Using information theory on natural language

“Yeah, mmm-hmm, that’s interesting”


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A short primer on scaling up your deep learning to multiple GPUs


  1. Package/restructure your application (see github repo here for an example)
  2. Create a docker image and load that image to Google’s Cloud Registry
  3. Create an instance and run your training job

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A short primer on scaling up your deep learning to multiple GPUs

Part 1 — Setting up the experiment and laying the foundation

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A tensor’s journey through an LSTM Layer visualized

Sam Black

Data Scientist

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